1st Annual Latino Leaders Summit

1st Annual Latino Leaders Summit

Hosted by OLAS & GALEO

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Date:  Saturday, September 30, 2017, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

GALEO & OLAS are proud to present the first ever Latino Leadership Summit, a premier event where you can further develop and hone your skills to the next level. Our goal with this summit is to educate, empower, and inspire Latino leaders from across the state by conducting workshops, networking sessions, and bringing in panelists & keynote speakers to motivate attendees and educate participants of policy matters in order to positively impact our communities and continue to pave the way for future leaders.

The summit will provide space to discuss important social issues pertinent to Latinos in the nation and will focus on the extraordinary influence Latinos have to empower those in their communities.


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There will be three different tracks:

  • Beginning Community Engagement:  Leadership Narrative; Networking/Netweaving, Understaning Group Development, Social Media Branding
  • Policy: Immigration matters during the Trump Administration, Understanding Policies impacting Voting Rights, Lobbying on Community Issues, Strategy Session for 2018 Legislative Session
  • Professional Development:  Networking/Netweaving, Managing Diversity in 2017, Public Speaking Workshop, Panel Discussion on Public Service

Please be sure to pick a track that best fits your needs when it comes to your personal leadership growth.

Other plenary sessions will include:  Leadership Challenges, Policy Updates on Immigration & other topical issues, Keynote Speaker (TBD)

We anticipate that the summit will prepare and encourage those who attend to embrace our momentum towards success while reaching out to those who are less fortunate than us. Finally, this summit aims to further build up our community and emphasizes that the spark to ignite change is within us!

Location:  Georgia Gwinnett College

Registration is now open!

College Student:  $15.00

Adult:  $30.00

NOTE:  GGC students should contact OLAS directly for FREE registration.  Send email (acorona@ggc.edu) with required information:  full name, email, cell phone and indicate which track.  Deadline for GGC registration is Sept. 14th.

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