Advocacy: LAST WEEK OF EARLY VOTING continues through Friday! Go VOTE! Volunteers needed also!

Advocacy:  LAST WEEK OF EARLY VOTING continues through Friday!  Go VOTE!  Volunteers needed also!

Oct. 30, 2018
This week is that last opportunity for EARLY VOTING.  It continues this week until Friday!
There has been a lot of concerns and questions about over 53,000 “pending voters” by the Secretary of State’s “exact-match process,” questions about the absentee ballots being rejected in Gwinnett County, and possible intimidation and incorrect information about translator access in Hall County.  If you, or anyone you know, experiences problems or has questions about exercising the right to vote, please call us at 1-888-544-2536.  
Gwinnett County has a responsibility by federal law (Section 203 in the Voting Rights Act) to provide all information and assistance in both English and Spanish.
Under Section 208 of the Voting Rights Act (outside of Gwinnett County), voters have the right to obtain assistance due to language access (Spanish dominant).  A voter may choose a person to assist them throughout the voting process, all the way to voting on the machines, if the voter chooses.  Anyone standing in the way of this protected right is in violation of the Voting Rights Act Section 203.
 If you, or anyone you know, experiences problems or has questions about exercising the right to vote, please call us at 1-888-544-2536.  
GALEO is excited about the 2018 elections.  There is a lot of enthusiasm about voting in our community and our #GALatinoVote canvassing team has been doing an amazing job of registering new voters!  Lots of volunteer opportunities are also available.  See below for more info.
Everyone can also help with promotion of Get Out To Vote (GOTV) videos.  GALEO has PSA’s running on social media and on Spanish television, but we also want to encourage our community to participate!  That is why we started a video contest.  Take a look at details below.
We are 7 days until the Midterm Elections! 
TODAY, GALEO will stand with the Jewish community in Atlanta with a roundtable of leaders coming together in unity.  Please stay tuned on facebook as we will post pics.  The murder of Jewish members in our nation should not be tolerated.  We must take a strong stand against those who enable and encourage hate, white nationalism and violence.
There is still a lot going on and you need to stay engaged.  Please stay up to date with us on for the latest actions and information. We could also use a good rating from you.  We’ve been targeted by fake accounts and we need to continue our work in the community.
Please join our advocacy efforts by joining our texting campaign.  Please stay engaged and respond to important actions by texting the word IMMIGRATION to the short code number 864-237.  This will add you to our texting program to ensure we speak up at needed times.
Please consider the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund as you prioritize your annual donations and donations for the new year of charitable giving.  Please follow the link here:
Thank you for your support!
Jerry Gonzalez
Executive Director
President Trump is attacking babies now.
We will work hard against this unconstitutional move.  It is a serious threat to many in our communities and we must work against it.
First, you have an opportunity to work to increase the #GALatinoVote and volunteer and encourage all you know to turn out to vote.  You can also help phone bank from home.  Ask about that!
Second, you can text the word IMMIGRATION to 864-237 to be subscribed to our action alerts.  We will send updates and reminders for action.
Let’s work together to protect our community.
We’ve extended the deadline for GALEO’s $1000 GOTV Video Contest! We will be accepting entries until Friday, Nov 2nd! Visit the contest page below for more information about how to enter! Don’t miss your chance to win $1,000!! #iamGALEO#GOTV#GALatinoVote
More information posted here:
Check here for your polling location on election day (also to check you are current).
Check here for early voting locations and times.
Questions of problems?  Call us at 1-888-54GALEO (1-888-544-2536).
Volunteers are essential to all of the work we do at GALEO. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please let us know. There are many ways to volunteer with GALEO.  We will have lots of opportunities to help us out!
Please check here:
Questions or problems?  Call us at 1-888-54GALEO (1-888-544-2536).
#GALatinoVote grows stronger every day!
Dear Friends,
We need your help! If you could not find time to knock on doors or volunteer at one of our events but want to do your part and help get the vote out in the Latino community; this opportunity is not only easy, I promise you it will be also entertaining and very insightful.
Hustle is a platform used by organizers and politicians to connect “social media activists” with real actions.
Our work is completely nonpartisan and we will focus on texting individuals from a curated list and remind them to go out and vote on November 6th. In case they need support or have questions, we will be able to provide support and information.
TIME: 10:45am-3pm
LOCATIONS:  Buford Highway, Gainesville and Dalton
PROVIDED: Training, food and fellowship
GOAL: Reach 50,000 Latinos in Georgia to get out and vote
We will provide you with the address and details by Thursday.
We are counting on you!
Thank you for all who joined us!
GALEO celebrated 15 years of great work in our community!
Red candles showing Nr. 15 Abstract Background for birthday or anniversary party.

15 years Reflection video is available here!

Celebrate 15 years of GALEO! Join us! #iamGALEO
Celebrate 15 years of GALEO! Join us! #iamGALEO
Pictures will be available soon!
#iamGALEO #GALatinoVote #gapol
Hall County should have bilingual access in English and Spanish for all elections material!
GALEO and other community members have launched a petition addressed to Hall County Commissioners and the Hall County Elections Board.  Please spread the word!

#HallEspanol #GALatinoVote

Check out our Job Opportunities section on our website!
Are you looking for a new career or job opportunity?  Know someone who is looking for a job?  Also, some volunteer positions will be posted here from time to time.  Please check this link weekly!
GALEO is also seeking an part-time canvassers!  Please email for details.

YOUR comments are necessary to STOP the Trump Administration from continued family detention!, NIJC, and the Families Belong Together campaign launched a new online tool that allows people to speak out to defend children and families, and submit comments in the Federal Register opposing the Trump administration’s attempt to rescind the Flores settlement. Below is an action alert that NIJC sent earlier today. Please help us share this site ( far and wide to garner as many public comments as possible! The  comment period ends on November 6th.
Below are some sample posts you can use to promote on your social media channels. View the full social media toolkit here.
The Trump Administration is trying to cut protections for detained immigrant children and families and jail them for longer. Submit a public comment and demand that ALL children are protected. #StopFamilyDetention
Weakening the #Flores Settlement will:
❌Keep kids jailed indefinitely
❌Put thousands of children at risk of abuse
❌Reduce protections for vulnerable kids
ACT NOW: Go to & submit a public comment to stand up for immigrant kids. #StopFamilyDetention
The proposed rule changes to the Flores Settlement would allow the government to indefinitely detain immigrant children, strip kids of existing legal protections and lower standards of care in immigration jails. Submit a public comment and demand ALL children are protected. #StopFamilyDetention
Congratulations to the GALEO members who were recently honored by the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as the “Top 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia!”
The Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce just recently announced this year’s pick for the Top 50 Most Influential Latinos in Georgia! We are delighted to see so many members of our GALEO Familia being celebrated for their groundbreaking work in our communities!
This nomination of our GALEO Familia comes at a perfect moment as we reflect on 15 years of work in the community. It is humbling to see that many of our GALEO Institute for Leadership (GIL) Alumni, GALEO Leadership Council (GLC) Alumni, former and current board members, and active GALEO members are being recognized for extending their leadership beyond GALEO and throughout our state.

Click here to learn more!

Here is the recap of the 2nd Annual Latino Leaders Summit!
2nd Annual Latino Leaders Summit
2nd Annual Latino Leaders Summit
#iamGALEO #GALatinoVote #gapol
Cool t-shirts from
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta!
Some have asked how you can get cool shirts and support a great cause! #ThisMexicanAmericanVotes #GALatinoVote #AquiEstamos #gapol
Join GALEO & become an active member of our network!
Your membership to GALEO supports our work and also allows for you to become part of the GALEO Leadership Council!
GALEO membership is open to anyone who supports our efforts and mission.  Please consider becoming a member to help support our efforts in civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino community in Georgia.  Through your membership, YOU make a difference and add your voice to ours!  Together, we are STRONGER!
Become part of our GALEO Familia by becoming a MEMBER of GALEO.  Once you are a member, you may join our GALEO Leadership Council to engage in the many activities we have going on to promote civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino community.

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