Angie F. Chermanz Monroy, 2018 Summer Intern

Angie F. Chermanz Monroy is a 4th year student at Emory University double majoring in International Studies and German studies. She was born in Colombia and lived there until she was 13 years old when she was brought to the United States to live with her father and continued her studies here.

She is very passionate about Immigration law and she interned last summer in the immigration department of the International Rescue Committee where she helped refugees and immigrants in their naturalization process. 

She is also very passionate about learning different languages and cultures. Hence, she studied abroad last fall in Germany for a semester, so she could immerse herself in the German culture and learn more about the history in Europe.

She is currently the vice-president of the German club at Emory University where she promotes various events showcasing the German culture and history. Angie is also the secretary for the Resident Hall Association at Emory University, where she helps set up events that bring the community together. Additionally, she partakes in a lot of community service around the area of Duluth by translating to Latino parents to tutoring elementary students.

Her professional aspirations include obtaining her Masters in Law and Diplomacy and becoming a diplomat and a lawyer in the near future. Her goal is to be able to push for policies that can bring the world together and make it more diverse.

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