Leopoldo (Polo) Vargas, 2018 Summer Intern

Polo Vargas was born in Mexico, and his parents brought him to the U.S when he was only 6 months old. An upcoming fourth year at the University of Georgia, Polo is double majoring in Political Science and Journalism. After undergraduate school, Polo is considering becoming a political journalist.

As a political science major, Polo has a passion for learning about how the U.S political and government systems work. Now in his fourth year at the University of Georgia, he has had the fortune of joining various organizations that have dealt with politics, but also another one of his  passions: journalism.

As a member of the Georgia Political Review, Polo has had the pleasure of researching and writing about political news that have occurred in this nation and worldwide. Some of his articles have been published both in the semester magazine and the online website. Topics that he has written about range from the immigration crisis in the Middle East and Europe, to comparing healthcare in the U.S to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.  He has been a leader in this club as he had been elected as an Assistant Senior Editor, where he inspects other writers’ articles and make sure that they follow Georgia Political Review’s unique style, as well as the Associated Press Style.

As Vice President of the Hispanic Student Association at UGA, Polo has helped organize large-scale events that promote the Latino culture at his university. For the past three years, he has helped organize “Noche Latina”, which is an event celebrating Latino culture during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Polo also works as a Resident Assistant for UGA Housing, which has given him  experience in contacting different companies and branches on and off campus and working diligently with them in order to build such programs. For example, he has contacted the Peace Corps to come give a lecture to students on work and service opportunities that they can do after graduation.

Polo sees this internship as an opportunity to learn about different ways to serve the Latino community of Georgia in the political arena and would like to share his talents with GALEO in hopes of promoting Latino rights in this great state.


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